Sarahah App: It’s going Viral

Sarahah App

Sarahah App: It’s going Viral

Now there is another big revolutionary news coming up from the end of Sarahah App. This app is really going viral due to the invitation of anonymous messages. This app is now one of the most downloaded free apps available on the iOS store in the previous months. When we talk about Indian users, it has 7.2 million Indian users those who have signed up for this App.

Sarahah App has few amazing features like when users share about the reviews it comes up with a picture message. We’ve already witnessed so many picture messages from the end of Sarahah App flooding over social media.

Have a look at few steps to know how this Sarahah App works:

  • First of all you’ve to download the app from your play store or you can visit for signup.
  • There you’ve to submit your details and you’ll have to create username so that you can get a link.
  • After getting that link with Sarahah you can share that link with your friends and over social media apps.
  • You can check anonymous messages on front page of the app and you can share with your friends too.

This app was available as web service previously in February’17 and it came over app stores in the June. Now as soon as many users are spreading this app over social media, this app is growing rapidly. So many people loved this app and few are giving negative feedback to this app. This app is just like previous app along with the web series “”.

Stay tuned for more updates on Sarahah App and other Latest Web Technology News updates.

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