Samsung is all set to replace Apple

Samsung Vs Apple

Samsung is all set to replace Apple when it’s come to most profitable company.

When we talk about the most profitable company in this world then Samsung is all set to replace Apple. This news is really amazing from the end of the South Korean giant about their quarterly earnings. Samsung is really doing the best in order to take the company to the next level. Company is launching their Smartphones back to back on the regular intervals. Few things are really impacting the user base of the company.

Samsung is doing well with galaxy series of Smartphones and this is the reason why they are jumping on top. As per the report, Galaxy S8 Smartphone was doing really good and the sales of this phone went on top. This is the reason why Samsung S8 helped the company to get back onto its feet. Net profit of the company has really jumped up because of this Smartphone.

Apple has a huge number of consistent user base those who always use to prefer Iphone. But this time Samsung has really surprised its rivals for now with its annual profit. Let’s see what else is in the stores of such big Smartphone brands.

Apple is coming up with Iphone 8 and most probably this phone is going to be comeback for the company. Few amazing features like wireless charging may increase the user base for the company along for fingerprint sensor. Upcoming Iphone is coming up with OLED display and this will really boost up the sales as well.

Company is now planning to invest a huge amount for the upcoming projects. Apple is definitely going to give the massive competition to its biggest rival.

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