Samsung to launch foldable smartphone

Samsung to launch foldable smartphone

In this modern era, almost every mobile company is trying to innovate something new. Now it’s time to Samsung to announce the new version of Smartphone which will be foldable Smartphone. As per a report Samsung is planning to launch such foldable smartphone this year only.

As per a recent report by a Korean based publication that has recently revealed that the company has just transported over ten lakh units for such fold-out devices.

LG is also making such foldable panels for so many producers. This can be a revolution in the Smartphone industry.

Well the idea of foldable Smartphone isn’t new. Numerous design renders till now and so many concepts have been available over the years. But we feel it will take quite a while to catch up the imaginary technology to reality.

As per the recent report on this, Samsung has just filed a patent for such device that will get fold easily anywhere. Let’s see if the company will get the approval or not.

In another report, company wasn’t too sure about the launch of this foldable Smartphone considering so many factors like market and profit scenarios. Company wasn’t too sure that they will go for the launch this year only.

Iphone is also going to launch its new version which is “Iphone 8”. Reports are saying that this Samsung foldable Smartphone and Iphone can be a part of big clash. That won’t please any of the marketing team. It will be really tough to plan the strategies, for both the manufacturers.

According to sources, users can use this Samsung device as a 7-inch tablet once it is unfolded.

LG is also trying hard to have a competition with Samsung after this announcement of Foldable Smartphone.

Stay tuned for further updates on Samsung foldable Smartphone and other Latest Web Technology News Updates.

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