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Have a look at biggest rivals of WhatsApp messenger

Whatsapp is the most using app in this India and this app is growing on the regular basis. Whatsapp is updating the app on the regular intervals as well, that’s the major reason as well. But when we look around apart from Whatsapp, there are few other rivals of Whatsapp that you can consider.


Hike is also really popular among Android, iOS and Windows phone users. Basically Hike was really popular for the stickers and few other amazing features. Recently hike has also launched the story feature just like WhatsApp and Facebook.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook and WhatsApp basically belong to the same family but Facebook has really made few amazing changes for messenger app. FB messenger is available over all the platforms and recently that has got few amazing features too.


Blackberry messenger is now available for Android as well which was really popular among blackberry users previously. Now you can create your own stickers as well.


That’s the biggest WhatsApp rival, as this app has huge number of features that are really missing in WhatsApp. Users can add up the group of over 1000 users and users can share the file of up to 1.5GB.


This app was really popular for voice calling; this app also provided the pinned chat and calling features first. You can make video call over this app right now. Right now this app added a feature that allows users to connect with the retailers and brands.


Skype usually provides rich video calling experience over the app. You can chat over there along with smiley and stickers. You can share your screen over Skype that’s a biggest plus in this app.

Google Allo

Google has launched this app in 2016 to compete with other social media and messaging apps. This app has recently launched an update wherein user can take a selfie and turn that into a sticker.

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