Reliance Jio feature phone

Reliance Jio feature phone

Reliance Jio feature phone

Well once again Reliance Jio is coming with another revolutionary move by launching Reliance Jio feature phone. This is going to be really cheap and within the reach of almost everyone out there. Mukesh Ambani is doing a great job behind all these revolutionary changes.

Have a look at the highlights of Reliance Jio Feature Phone:

  • Reliance is planning to sell around 200 million 4G phone in upcoming two years. If they are going to do that, this is going to be massive milestone.
  • When we talk about price of phones, it will be something around between Rs 1,000 to 1,500. Jio is yet to announce the final price.
  • Company is planning to launch this phone in the second half of next month.

Basically company is eyeing on those users who can’t afford costly Smartphones and targeting users with 2G phones. As per the reports voice calls will be free for the users who will get the phone. So indirectly this will really encourage few more users to get this phone to get all the benefits.

Company is planning to invest around 100 million in this project for first year and 100 million for next year. With this cost company is planning to produce around 10 million unites for the primary sales. This will really help the company to boost up further image of the company.

Stay tuned for more updates on Reliance Jio feature phone and other Latest Web Technology News updates.

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