Have a look at few premium Smartphones

premium Smartphones

Have a look at few premium Smartphones

1). VIVO V5 Plus

When we talk about premium Smartphone, here is the Smartphone which is VIVO V5 Plus that is an amazing phone. This is all about camera quality which is almost matching a basic DSLR camera quality. This phone is having front camera of 20MP which is stealing all the attention. Secondary this phone is having a dual camera of 8MP which will blur the background images. This phone is coming up with the cost of 26,222 Rs. When we talk about RAM and other storage capabilities, this is a amazing phone and worth buy.

2). OPPO F1S

This is also an amazing phone and coming up with the price tag of 16,000 Rs. Few people are comparing this Smartphone with VIVO V5. And when we talk about the camera quality and performance of this phone, which is really good. Battery backup is also just matchless.

3). Samsung Galaxy S7

This phone is an amazing feature phone and cost of this phone is 43,400 Rs. Undoubtedly this is a value for money Smartphone in every context. This phone is having a amazing camera and display quality along with good camera.

4). Motorola Moto Z

Motorola is also having few good Smartphone and this is an amazing phone that will cost around 39,999 Rs. This is also a value for money phone and we can suggest this phone if you are looking forward to get a Smartphone.

5). LG G5

LG launched its modular flagship phone, G5 in the last year. This phone is also perfect when it’s come to performance, display and camera quality too. This phone is under the price tag of 34,000 Rs. This is also a value for money Smartphone and a good one. You can get this one too if you’re looking forward to get a new phone.

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