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Pokemon Go

As per the recent report, playing Android based Pokemon Go can bring families closer and encourage children to exercise.

During the play, usually families use to spend quality time with the family members even after playing that game. Plus kids can increase the level of the physical activity while playing this game.

As per another study, parents those who are playing with kids are getting more time to spend with their kids. They are getting benefits of increased level of exercise too along with strong family bonding as well with family.

Few parents reported that this Pokemon Go helped in so many ways. Like now they can go out with family to exercise easily, go out with their dogs along with this game. Now few people choose walking instead of driving, so this is the major benefit of a game.

What we feel is, this game is just a source to connect with different people which is so interesting.

Few people reportedly saying thanks to the “Poke-walks” because of this, players are walking thousands more steps per day. So many people are becoming huge fan of this game as they are losing their weight while playing. So everyone is taking advantage in a different manner.

On the other hand we saw few parents are feeling guilty about having this game installed. As few children are totally into this game, they are playing this all the time and we’ve to manage this.

But those who are playing this game in a proper manner, everyone is applauding the effort of game manufacturer. By playing this game parents are getting the chance to let their kids know that how to navigate lanes safely.

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