Have a look at few Photography Tips

Photography Tips

Have a look at few Photography Tips to take stunning photos using your Smartphone.

Smartphone cameras are now coming up with few amazing improvements that are a latest revolution in technology. Now there are so many Smartphones available in your budget, which you can pick to click few stunning pictures. Have a look at few photography tips:

You should pick a nice background

Before clicking a picture, first of all you should pick a background where you want to click a picture. It’s so important to have a clear object in your photo shoot. So first of all make sure you are choosing a perfect background that can enhance the quality of your pictures.

Set your focus properly

There are so many Smartphones which are offering auto focus mode. But make sure you are targeting the exact location. You can set the focus location manually as well in case of that feature is on “off” mode.

Lighting matters a lot

Yes, lighting matters a lot when we talk about photography. You will probably get the best shoots in the sunlight. Usually you get the best lighting just after sunrise or you can say before the sunset. Picture looks so beautiful during such hours and subject looks really better. But you should definitely try to avoid having the sunlight towards the camera. If you can’t avoid, some cameras have “HDR” mode to help out in this. You can turn on the flash light in the daytime as well.

At night you shouldn’t use your flashlight, all you can ask someone else to turn on the flashlight for you.

You should know your camera’s limitations

Few phones are having auto-focus feature and they don’t always pick the object properly. So if you are shooting with your phone just tap on the exact area what you want to focus. You can do that to expose the exact area where you want to focus, and you can skip the background.

Take few multiple shots

This is the best way to get your best pictures using your Smartphone. you can try multiple shots wherein you’ll get the best shot of yours.

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