How to Improve your phone battery life

phone battery

Have a look at few tips to improve your phone battery life.

Battery is really important factor if you are using a Smartphone. You have to follow few steps if you want to enhance your battery’s life, have a look at those steps.

Turn off vibration mode

First of all you have to turn off your vibration mode if you want your Smartphone’s battery to last longer.

Customize about which apps can use your location

You need to check which app can use your location, and if you feel it’s not important you can remove. You can turn off for watching videos and such other apps where you don’t need location tracking.

Turn on your airplane mode

That’s the best way to charge your phone quickly and save your battery’s life as well. You can use this step when you aren’t using your Smartphone. If you don’t want to receive any calls and texts, just use this feature.

Remove on screen widgets

This is also a good way to save your battery, just remove all the widgets over your phone’s screen. It’s a decent way to make your phone perform quicker than the others.

Turn off auto sync

You can use this feature as well to save your auto sync. For this you have to go to settings > Google account and turn off auto-sync for apps you don’t need that much.

Doze mode

That’s a mode for latest Android’s marshmallow that may save your battery life.

Check your Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC and GPS

If you aren’t using your Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS, make sure it’s off.

Turn off such modes like ‘Always On’ hotword detection

Always turn off few modes like hotword detection if it’s up with ‘Always on’.

Use black coloured wallpapers

That’s a good way to save your battery life, if you are using black coloured wallpaper. It consumes less power than the others.

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