You can’t do things if PayTm KYC isn’t done

You can’t do things if PayTm KYC isn’t done

From now on you can’t do few things if PayTm KYC isn’t done

As per the new RBI’s guidelines you all know that KYC has been implemented in the digital wallets. Have a look at those things what you can do or you can’t.

Digital wallets are in the recent trends of Indian market and users are preferring and enjoying the services as well. Cashback offers are always keeping these users interested and now KYC terms are here. As per the guidelines users had to complete KYC documentation before 28th of February in order to use it all. All these major companies were seeking out for Aadhar card for the document verification. But on the other hand users can provide additional documents like Voter ID, Pan Card, DL and Passport.

What if you haven’t done your KYC yet?

Now if you haven’t done your KYC then you can’t transfer your wallet money to your bank account. You can still make few recharges and other payments through digital wallets but you won’t be able to add money. Apart from that you won’t be eligible for transferring funds to other accounts, cashback offers and other advantages

But if you’ve done full KYC In-person verification then you can have a maximum of Rs 1,00,000 in your wallet. When it’s come to the minimum KYC criteria wherein users can keep a maximum wallet balance of Rs 10,000.

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