PayTm App gets new updates and features, check it out.

PayTm App Gets New Features

Almost every app is getting updated on regular basis. In last few days PayTm app is also getting a big competition from all the other apps. After the launch of Indian Government app “BHIM”, PayTm is working really hard to sustain in this e-wallet market.

This app has got few new features like as below:

  • This app has extended the transfer limit and now you can transfer up to 50,000 Rs. That was previously 20,000 Rs.
  • Size of this app has been decreased due to few slower Smartphones, so that it will be easy for the users to enter the e-wallet market.
  • This app will be 3 times faster than before and that will run on such slow networks as well.
  • User can now send by scanning QR coded from their gallery.
  • PayTm is now password protected as well, now you can add up pattern lock as well as 4 digit numeric lock as well.

As per a latest report, PayTm has recently launched a latest feature, “PayTm Community Forums”. This forum is to help the consumers to get their queries resolved by the other users available over there. This feature is already integrated in the PayTm app. This will encourage more and more people over this app to interact with each other through this forum.

PayTm has cleared few other things too:

  • Like if you’ll to transfer the amount to the other bank, that won’t be chargeable.
  • PayTm has also mentioned that, try not to pay heed to all the rumors and your PayTm is safer and more reliable than before. After so many statements by others, that your PayTm wallet money isn’t at all safe. This company has just clarified.
  • So many people were spreading rumors that PayTm won’t work after 15th of January, but company has just denied this rumor.
  • As per PayTm, your money is totally safe with us and you will not lose your money. If you don’t want to use the app or wallet money, so that you can transfer that money of yours to the bank.

Stay Tuned for more PayTm app related updates and other Latest Web Technology News Updates.

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