Payment Apps Comparison

You can’t do things if PayTm KYC isn’t done

Payment Apps Comparison

WhatsApp vs PayTm vs Google Tez

In this era of digital transactions almost every company is going digital and providing so many offers. PayTm is one of the leading digital transaction companies which are growing rapidly. All thanks to the cash ban which brings us all the options to transact and save. Now let’s just have a look at the comparison of these payment apps along with options:

Cash back offers:

When we talk about cash back offers PayTm is the only name that comes up in our mind. But Google Tez and PayTm both use to provide cash back offers and WhatsApp isn’t there with this.

Transactional Limit

By using these payment apps there is a limit and with PayTm and Google Tez you can transact upto one lack. But on the other hand you can transact with WhatsApp as allowed by the bank.

Train, flight and movie ticket bookings

Right now only PayTm is offering train, flight and movie ticket booking which isn’t there with WhatsApp and Tez app. PayTm is one of the leading payment apps and due to that it has so many options. PayTm has the option of gift cards as well which isn’t there with other apps.

Voice Commands

Only Google Tez allows voice commands which are powered by Google assistant. By using this users can send money to the people they want by using voice commands. This feature isn’t there with WhatsApp and PayTm.

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