Optical internet cables help in earthquakes

Optical internet cables could help monitor earthquakes

Optical Internet cables could help monitor earthquakes

As per the study that has found that optical fibers use to give high speed internet can help monitor earthquakes. That’s such big news coming up from the end of Latest Web Technology News.

Such optical fibers are thin strands of pure glass that is about the thickness of a human’s hair. There’re naturally package jointly to make cables that broadcast data signals over long distances by converting electronic signals into light.

Such networks may allow few scientists to study few things about earthquakes, specially the smaller ones. They can even pinpoint their sources more quickly than it is currently possible. Even civil engineers could take what they learn about how buildings and bridges respond to small earthquakes from the billion-sensors. If it will happen this is definitely going to be such huge revolutionary move from the end of the world of technology. With the help of this we can help so many earthquake affected areas where such things are happening frequently. Let’s see what else is in the stores of such scientists.

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