Nokia returns, it will launch Android phone

Nokia returns, says it will launch Android phone soon

There are a huge amount of android users all over the globe but still there are few people those who are diehard fan of Nokia. And this time it’s a good news for Nokia loves that finally company has announced that Nokia is returning to the phone marketplace this coming year. For now there is no exact date but as per the possibilities that the first Nokia Mobile phone. Which will be powered by Android platform, will come up in the first half of 2017. Well going further, Nokia smartphones will operate Google’s Android operating system. Now this is the high time for Nokia returns.

As of now it isn’t clear that what sort of smart phones this company will launch. But it is estimated that the company will soon launch a mid-range to start with but with clear prominence on camera and design. We’re so sure that Nokia is going to surprise very soon with their quality products. Stay tuned for further updates.

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