New Nokia 3310 reviews

New Nokia 3310

Have a look at all new Nokia 3310 reviews

If you’re looking for the basic phone for your personal use, here we have your all time favorite Nokia 3310. This phone has same old features but it’s coming up with all new look. Have a look at few major specifications about this phone:

  • This phone has long lasting battery backup as the previous phone.
  • Build quality of this phone is really remarkable.
  • Performance of this phone is also really good, that you’ll really like it.

Let’s talk about few other features of this phone in details:

  • Nokia 3310 new will cost you around Rs 5,500.
  • This phone is really slick and really good when it’s come to design.
  • It has TFT display and Screen size of this phone is 2.4 inches (6.1 cms).
  • Camera is also there with this one which is 2MP.
  • Battery backup of this phone is really good as this phone has 1200mAh capacity of battery.
  • Standby time of this phone is unbelievable as this phone has up to 744 hours of standby time. And talktime is also 22.1 hours during 2G networks.
  • Storage of this phone is 16MB but this is expandable up to 32GB.
  • LED flash is also there.
  • Sound quality of this phone is really good and it will support MP3 format as well.

We’ve thoroughly checked this phone and we will give this phone 4.5 out of 5 user ratings. You may go with this phone if you’re looking for a budget phone with long battery life.

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