NASA mission – Touch the Sun

Nasa Mission - Touch the Sun

Have a look at latest NASA mission – Touch the Sun

A update coming up of NASA that they’re all set to launch world’s first mission to touch the Sun. They’ve recently made a car sized probe that will swoop within 4 million miles of the solar surface. It will have the capacity of facing heat and other radiations like no other spacecraft have faced before.

The Parker Solar Probe is going to take off around 6th August and it will study about Sun very closely. Many people are excited to explore about Sun and it will be more interesting to see the activities over there. As per the reports, Sun if far more complicated than it meets the eye. It is totally different from what it actually seems to human eyes and it’s a dynamic and so active star.

As per NASA’s scientists, it’s been long time since we’re studying about Sun, finally we’re going to explore the reality. They mentioned that we’re going to discover the mechanisms that drive the wind towards us. This Parker Solar Probe will surely answers so many questions which were unanswered for long about Sun’s Processes and activities. It’ll explore the region of Sun that only seen from the earth when moon blocks Sun’s brightness during solar eclipses.

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