Narendra Modi strikes 500/1000 rs notes ban

Narendra Modi Strikes by 500/1000 rs notes ban

Narendra Modi Strikes by 500/1000 rs notes ban

It’s a huge huge step by Indian PM Narendra Modi by 500/1000 rs notes ban. He took the nation by surprise but this move. And now this is gonna be a  big surprise for those who are black money holders.

Everybody is applauding this brave move. This could be a part of greatest revolution of all times in the Indian Economy Market.

Social media is already full of such news and messages which is making this step a amazing one. As per the announcement “All the existing notes of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 cease to be legal tender”. Which will be a historic step and will open up the opportunities for poor and middle class families.

As per a statement by Narendra Modi that, “Today’s announcements will give greater strength to fight corruption, black money, terror & counterfeit currency.”

Stay Tuned for more updates on 500/1000 rs notes ban and other Latest Technology News.

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