Now you can mute unwanted Instagram users

unwanted Instagram users

Now you can mute unwanted Instagram users

Instagram is one of the most popular photo sharing app which lets you express yourself through your pictures. Company is coming up with so many interesting back to back updates in order to make this app more popular. Now Instagram has decided to come up with a latest feature that will let you mute profile to hide posts. So now you’ll have all the controls that which users you want to check on the regular basis.

So now you can simply mute the user despite of pressing unfollow button and user won’t get the notification. That’s such an amazing feature that you can easily avoid having a look at unwanted post on your news feed. All you’ve to do is just tap on the menu placed right on the corner of the post. You can always unmute a profile after you’ve performed mute in order to get back to that particular profile. Apart from Instagram posts, you can also press mute on Instagram stories by long pressing on stories.

Previously Instagram has announced that they’re coming up with so many interesting updates. Instagram is coming up with a feature wherein users will be able to calculate the time they’ve spent on app. It will show that how much time a user is spending on this social media platform under user insights.

Instagram has recently revealed a new feature related to Emoji Bar, which is already going viral through Instagram stories. We all hope that this popular photo sharing app will keep coming up such interesting updates in coming future.

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