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Instagram is really getting popular nowadays. This Facebook owned social media app is regularly updating the app and this is such big news coming up. That now you can upload multiple Instagram posts. As per the recent updates from the end of Instagram, now you may upload more than ten pictures. Apart from that you can post 10 videos as well. Once you’ll post it your followers can check all of your posts by swiping from side to side.

All you have to do is just tap on the icon which is a dedicated one for uploading. You can change the order of the images by tapping over there as well. Apart from uploading you can edit each and every image separately by clicking the option there. For now you can place a single caption for such images.

If some account has multiple pictures you’ll get a small icon below that picture so that you can scroll down. After that you can like or comment on such pictures after publishing that post.

This new feature may look like Instagram story feature but you can place like and comments over there. This is going to be really interesting. Basically Instagram started testing this new element a little while ago.  But now this feature is available for few advertisers.

Have a look at few latest features of Instagram:

  • Instagram has got a live video feature and users are getting notification whenever someone is going live.
  • Now you can watch the live video via Windows 10.
  • You can post stories like Snapchat over this “Facebook owned social media app” Instagram.
  • Now you can open more than one account over Instagram.

Stay tuned for more updates on multiple Instagram posts and Latest Technology News.

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