Multiplayer Android games

multiplayer android games

Have a look at the top multiplayer android games

These days there is a trend of multiplayer games for those who are not interesting in real games. And you can enjoy such games with your friends sitting at home. Have a look at few hottest games that you can play with your buddies.

Clash of clans

That’s the most interesting game over android where you have to build your own town and defend it from attackers. So there you can try many different things like you can take on the town of other players as well. That’s one of the most popular games among the android users.

Heroes of War

That’s a most amazing game of the war lovers and such an addictive card based game. The players have to build decks from the purchased and won cards just to win the game. So that’s an interesting concept when we talk about multiplayer games.

Real Boxing 2 Rocky

That’s also an amazing fighting game for the Android users. This game will offer you an amazing fighting experience, that’s seems so realistic as well. Even you can generate your fighter at your own and customize it against other players.


This is an adventures game for the game lovers in a dark forest. Forest in this game is really beautiful and players have to find out what’s wrong in that and correct it. So this game will excite you in so many ways. It has 23 levels that suggests you such an amazing multiplayer experience.

Fruit Ninja

In this game you just need to slice all the fruits that appear quickly running on your screen. All you have to do is, you just need to avoid slicing the explosives that appear alongside.

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