Narendra Modi to discuss about visa issues

H1-B Visa issues

Narendra Modi to discuss about visa issues

As well all know, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is going to meet US president Donald Trump in Washington. So this coming week, he is going to discuss about H-1B visa issues with Donald Trump as per the reports. A senior Indian Government official has confirmed this report.

Indians are already facing so many issues all because of new US policies by Donald Trump. Few Indian companies those who are working on US’s projects; even those companies are having concerns about visa policies. As per the policies companies aren’t been able to send their employees in USA for completion of the project.

Now we all are hoping that after the conversation with Narendra Modi, there will be some changes in visa policies.

When we talk about the average salary, Infosys is giving around $81,705 and TCS is giving $76,099.

Few companies like Infosys Ltd and Tata Consultancy Services are heavily relying on the H-1B visa issues. As such companies are working on so many US projects, and they are struggling to send their candidates to US.

Now finally PM Narendra Modi will meet up Donald Trump on 26th of June and they will discuss about this. Narendra Modi was having such immense terms with previous US president Barack Obama and we’re expecting the same with Trump.

As per another reports, Trump has already ordered a review of the US visa programme in many sections. So that they can give few technologies firm such advantages to exchange their services.

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