Mobile phone bills may not go down further

Mobile phone bills

Mobile phone bills may not go down further

That’s an important news coming from the end of Telecom operators that mobile bills may not go down going further. In the recent past we’ve witnessed few massive drop in the mobile phone bills and that’s because of Reliance Jio. Almost every telecom operator was doing really well but Mukesh Ambani had other plans and that we can see well.

As per the reports, we found almost 30-40% drop in the monthly mobile bills in the past six months. Now users won’t get further deductions in mobile bills, they can get benefits like data and other benefits. Bharti Airel, Idea and Vodafone all these companies are trying to compete with Reliance Jio and customers are getting benefits. As of now data prices are as low as 10% of what it was in last year at Rs 21 per GB.

When we talk about biggest revenue loss, Airtel is on top and Vodafone along with Idea is on 2nd/3rd respectively. Apart from that these telecom operators are giving some huge offers to their users. Airtel is giving offers related to Amazon Prime subscribers  those who are going to recharge above the certain limit. Even Vodafone and Idea are also giving membership to Netflix and other like Sony Music, Eros and Balaji.

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Have a look at few top data plans by telecom operators:

  • Jio is offering 56GB data at just Rs 198 for 28 days.
  • Airtel and Vodafone are offering 56GB data at just Rs 349 for 28 days.
  • Idea cellular is offering 56GB data at Rs 357 for 28 days.

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