29% users feel mobile payments are unsafe

Mobile payments with smartphone

Well after the demonetization almost everyone is going digital. Everyone is using e-wallets and other mobile wallets to pay their bills and other online shopping. Mobile Payments are the latest trend nowadays.

As per a survey by Deloitte, 29% of the mobile users feel that such payments are not that safe.
Indians are not yet convinced about mobile payments. So that it will take some time to make it their first choice for making economic transactions.

Few customers feel that security is a biggest concern. Few cyber fraud make others feel like this is not the appropriate thing for them.

As per a survey by Deloitte and that has found that Smartphone users’ nearly all key economic transaction was going through examination as per their bank balance and with 54% of those surveyed doing so.

More than 50 percent of consumers use smartphones to pay service bills. Other bills (53%) and others followed by transferring money to others (38%).

A huge number of clients mentioned that due to lack of benefits and credit card rewards provide those all comparatively fewer incentives to make them involved in mobile payments.

That indicates that on one occasion the cash back propose on wallets appear downward, customers may not utilize this mode of payment. Let’s see what else is in the stores.

As per a report, that the approvals of 4G is anticipated to raise over the coming year and that too will become major network with almost about 45% of the concerns are setting up to subscribe LTE in those next few months.

Instant messaging, social network and email have already seen the expansion in handling the regularity among Smartphone users. Over 2,000 Indian consumers participated in this survey.

We all hope that things will definitely move in favor of us, we will soon move strongly towards this cashless payment mode no matter what.

Let’s hope for the best and stay tuned for the further updates on Mobile payments and Latest Web Technology News.

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