This mind reading system can correct other robots’ mistakes

mind reading system

This mind reading system can correct other robots’ mistakes

Recently there are so many technologies that scientists are going to invent. And here we have got something to tell you that now scientists have invented a new brain computer interface. That will be able to read an individual’s thoughts in real time just to make sure incase of robot’s error. Going further we can use such interface for self driving cars.

By relying on brain signals called “ErrPs” that happen mechanically when humans make mistake or spot someone else making one. This new approach allows even absolute learners to organize a robot with their sharp minds.

As per the reports from the researchers, brain computer interface will require people to guide with this one. So that that machine can understand the basics of the interface.

Few people of Boston University have developed this technology. And we all are hoping that this is going to be a big revolution in the robotic field.

This will be really amazing when Humans and robots work together. And you will get to learn the language of robots, learn in a way that how to adopt the interface and how to communicate with it.

As per the reports, now new mind reading systems are there and that can correct robot’s errors as well.

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