Mark Zuckerberg apologises for Facebook Mistakes

Mark Zuckerberg apologises for Facebook Mistakes

CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg apologises for Facebook Mistakes

Facebook is going though a very tough time after the reports of data leak from the end of Facebook. As per the reports Facebook shares users data all the time whenever you login through Facebook at any account. It’s a very big deal as that data could be really confidential and such platform is sharing with ease.

Reports were coming that details of around 87 million people got leaked, that happened in order to sway their votes. You have to be very protective and keep a track on that if you’re going well with your Facebook account. And you have to keep on checking which of your apps is working there with Facebook and using your private information. You can check your privacy settings and track your activities as well.

Finally CEO of Facebook has accepted that it happened and apologises for the mistakes that has been made by Facebook.

Previously Facebook has disclosed that few Russians used Facebook with fakes names to try and influence U.S. voters during elections’16. They were writing about few provocative subjects and they were buying ads too. Facebook was facing criticism due to that for long time and everybody were like Facebook was helping Trump win that election.

Now we all hope that everything will be fine from the prospective of the biggest social media platform, Facebook. It has huge amount of regular user base which is so connected with this platform. We all hope that Mark Zuckerberg won’t let the Facebook users down in the coming future.

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