LinkedIn updates, Have a look

LinkedIn updates

Have a look at few LinkedIn updates about users base all over the world.

There is a big update coming up from the end of LinkedIn, that now LinkedIn has 500 Mn users. And when we talk about Indian users, it has 42 mn users as well. Again Indian continues to be the largest market outside US.

LinkedIn is one of the leading professional networking platforms across this world. It has already got 500 million, which is a huge achievement for this biggest company. Even India has helped this company to reach that milestone; there we have such huge user base in India.

As per the report, company has reported the growth of 40 percent in the last two years which is extraordinary.

When we talk about its user base, this website has users from around 200 countries and territories. Such huge user base is taking this website to the next level.

When we talk about Indian users, Gurugram (Gurgaon) has the most number of LinkedIn users. And after Gurugram there are Mumbai and Bengaluru as well those who are having huge users.

The most number of users are from “Staffing and Recruiting” industry and after that there are from “Human Resources”.

That’s really easy for the users from the professional world to connect with each other having an account over LinkedIn. So this company is gaining the popularity nowadays because of the launch of “LinkedIn lite”.

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