Latest Instagram updates

Latest Instagram updates

Latest Instagram updates

Now here is the latest update coming up from the end of Instagram which is the most popular photo-sharing app. As per the latest update, Instagram will allow you to view stories on the desktop and mobile web as well. Basically it’s an android app and company is trying to enhance the visibility of this app which is really good.

So many features of this app are unavailable for desktop and mobile web version, so this update will really help. This app has got more than 750 million active users, that’s a big achievement of any of the photo-sharing app.

From now onwards stories will appear on top of the feed and users can tap to skip between unwanted posts. Recently stories have become such an essential part of Instagram as the number of users is increasing day by day. As per a report over 250 million users are using this story feature everyday just to check about other’s update.

Recently Instagram has made a new change to the app wherein users can add landscape and portrait images in multi-posts. Along with that Instagram has made few other changes with the design as well.

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