India is world’s second largest mobile producer

India is world’s second largest mobile producer

India is world’s second largest mobile producer

As per the reports by ICA, India is now the world’s second largest mobile producer. Now when it’s come to first one, China is on top of the listing and after that India is there. That information was shared by Indian cellular association and that’s so pleasing from the Indian prospective.

India has recently replaced Vietnam in order to become the second largest producer of phone industry. As the demand of Smartphones in India is growing day by day and companies are making the most of it. According to a stats, annual production of mobile phone in this country went up to 11 million units in 2017. And it was nearly 3 million units when we it comes to 2014.

We’ve mentioned this many times Reliance Jio has placed a huge role for this revolution by making data services affordable. Due to that so many users upgraded themselves to 4G smartphone even those who weren’t in touch with the technology. Recently it’s a peak time for the smartphone producers to make the most of this technology revolution in telecom industry.

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