Reliance Jio updates

Reliance Jio’s new postpaid offer

Reliance Jio updates

After the launch of Reliance Jio services, so many telecom operators are facing so many issues. Jio’s free data services and calling facilities made a huge impact on so many network operators’ revenue. Let’s just have a look about certain things about Reliance Jio updates.

Subscribers crossed 100 million

It was big news for Jio’s officials that the user base crossed 108.9 million as on March 31st, 2017. Now these numbers are day by day increasing as Jio is delivering best downloading speed among all.

Prime members touch 72 million

Company starting charging from the users after April 1st, 2017 and users were going after that too. So as per the report, the no. of users who picked Jio that were 72 million as on 31st March.

Revenue Falls by 76%

When we talk about the revenue, Reliance Jio falls by 76%, as per the company’s statement. Expenses for the six months got increased to 34.88 crore from 13.63 crore a year ago.

Jio is planning to add 100,000 towers

This is so interesting that Jio is planning to add huge number of towers to raise the quality of network. Jio is the only operator which is providing Pan-India LTE network at a really good speed. And now Jio also claims to have the world’s largest wireless broadband network. Let’s see what else is in the stores of Jio.

Begins trials of Fibre to the Home business in Mumbai/Delhi

Now Jio is working hard to expand and it has started the trials for fibre-to-the-home business in Mumbai and Delhi.

Sold 2.6 million LYF and JioFi routers

Well Jio has recently sold out few other things as well including 2.6 million LYF and JioFi routers.

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