Now it’s time for iPhone India

iPhone India

Now it’s time for iPhone India

We have recently sensed the growth in the Iphone uses. So many people were concerned about the costing of this Smartphone. Now as per Prime Minister’s Make in India Plan, PM confirms that Iphone is going to manufacture in India only. So it’s time for manufacturing of iPhone India.

Well it’s come to the manufacturing of this phone, Bangalore is the place.  That just confirmed by Narendra Modi official app.

Apple also confirmed that they are setting up Iphone assemble plant in India.

As per the reports, so many Iphone users are with this brand. It’s really hard for a Iphone user to compromise with any other Smartphone.

When it’s come to the costing of this Smartphone, it’s not affordable for everyone to get it. So let’s hope it will be a bit manageable after this move.

Previously, as per this statement by PM Modi’s app, govt. of Karnataka also welcomed this move. And they mentioned that they are looking forward to execute such plans to manufacture Iphone in Bangalore.

As per a further statement by Karnataka IT minister, Apple will start the manufacturing of Iphones by the end of April.

Once this will get started, after that India is going to be third country in this world to assemble Iphones. So from here on you can sense how important it is for this company to establish themselves in this country.

So many ecommerce websites are promoting Iphone like anything. Previously Snapdeal announced “Welcome 2017” sale for Apple Iphone. And that website was offering the discount of 7,000 Rs on Iphone 7.

Few other website are also offering so many discounts for Iphones, having a look at the demands. Now this step of “Iphone in India” is also amazing, having at look at the plans of digital India.

Stay tuned for more Iphone India updates and other Latest Web Technology News updates.

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