The born of the Iphone

About iPod Nano

The born of the Iphone

The iPhone originally happened because Steve Jobs hated a guy who worked at Microsoft.

You’re absolutely wrong if you feel this amazing Apple’s iPhone might have been out of some high minded feeling. But he was not much liked employee when he was working with Microsoft. But see where he is now that is a massive turnaround.

Steve hated this guy when he was there at Microsoft, as per reports coming from an event organized by Apple. But now time has been changed and Iphone the new revolution for so many users and many people are addicts.

Have a look at few questions which interviewer use to ask during interviews in Apple:

  • Tell us an appealing problem and how you will solve it?
  • You have to explain about modem and its functions to 8 years old kid, how would you do that?
  • Just in case we will hire you, what exactly you want to work on?
  • In front of a pen you have to tell that how would you breakdown the cost of that?
  • They may ask you few awkward questions like; do you think you are smart?
  • Why we should hire you, give us a reason?
  • Have you done anything in your life that you feel you should be proud of?
  • Do you feel you’re creative? What exactly you can do being so creative?
  • This company Apple changes the name from Apple Computers integrated to Apple Inc? Why?
  • What brings you here right now?
  • Tell us about your best day as of now and what was your worst?

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