Instagram Questions to make stories interesting

Instagram Questions

Instagram Questions to make stories interesting

Instagram is one of the most trending app on social media nowadays, this is for some new update about stories. This app is regularly updating and upgrading the app in order to stay there in the latest news. So many users has already reportedly shifting from Facebook to Instagram just because of the engagement rate of this app. This is a highly grossing app and now just to make stories more interactive they have now launched Instagram Questions. Wherein people are posting a lot of the answers what other people are asking them.

Many celebs are making their presence with this feature, due to that this feature is creating the buzz out there. Now using this Instagram Questions on stories people are using a tag that let your followers submit questions. From there you will get a separate section wherein you can answer that particular question and submit your answer publicly. That question will be secret and you can tag that person if you want to let this world know.

So basically that’s an interesting concept which has been initiated by the biggest social media app and  it’s trending now. Previously Instagram has launched one feature related to polling and it was also doing really good. After that polling feature they started rolling out that emoji slider feature that made stories even more interesting. We all hope that Instagram will keep coming up with such interesting updates.

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