Instagram Multi Photo Album Uploads

Instagram Multi Photo album

Instagram reportedly testing Multi Photo album uploads on the Android App

Instagram is rapidly growing nowadays and when we talk about most popular social media apps in this world. This app is no far than Facebook, and so many users are getting addicted to this app.

 Here are few highlights of this Instagram Multi Photo album feature:

  • This feature will be there for Instagram v10.7.0 version.
  • That will allow users to select multiple pictures from their gallery.
  • Instagram is yet to roll out this feature; this feature is under beta testing.

Now as per a latest update, Instagram is going to test a feature wherein users will be able to share multiple media files at one time from their Smartphone’s gallery.

Only advertisers are able to share those multiple photos from their gallery as of now but it looks like Instagram will roll out this feature for another 600 million users very soon.

Under this section users can select up to 10 pictures, they can choose filters as well before uploading.

Here are few interesting facts about Instagram:

  • There are over 600 million monthly active Instagram users in this world.
  • When we talk about daily active users, there are 400 million active users of this popular app.
  • Instagram has launched a new feature following Snapchat and up to 150 million users are using this feature.
  • Up to 20% of internet users are using this popular social media app Instagram.
  • When we talk about Male – Female ratio over Instagram, so that’s 51%-49%. And that is quite impressive.
  • When we talk about number of Instagram download on user’s Smartphone, which is over 1 billion on Google Play Store.
  • Instagram got such high user ratings over Play store, which are 4.5 as of now.
  • 92% of posts over Instagram are pictures.
  • 30% of estimated Instagram users are inactive as of now.
  • 90% of the Instagram users are below 35, when we talk about age group.

Do you know about any other latest feature over Instagram, you may mention that below in our comment section.

Stay tuned for more Instagram updates and other Latest Web Technology News updates.

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