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Instagram finally lets users disable comments

Instagram is growing rapidly among the youth everywhere in this world. Having a look at this app which is updating this app on regular basis and as per a major update. Now we can disable our comment section over this popular social media app. Stay connected with your loved ones and disable the unwanted comments and for that you’ve to go to the “options”. “Settings” – “Comments” and there you can hide inappropriate comments. Adding to that you can now  add custom keywords as well which you aren’t willing to have a look in your comment section.

You can like the comments on Instagram just like Facebook:

Now you can like everyone’s comment over Instagram just like Facebook comment section but the point is. You will only be notified if you follow the person who likes your commentThis can make this social media app more interesting. It will be easy to interact with more people over this app and now we can reply everyone individually as well.

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