Have a look at few Instagram features

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Have a look at few Instagram features

Instagram is growing rapidly nowadays and that’s all because of back to back updates by this popular app. When we talk about total number of Instagram users, so now it has over one billion users over the world. Let’s just have a look at few latest Instagram features that are making this app so popular:

Face filters

Instagram has recently applied face filters to the Instagram stories just like Snapchat filters. These filters are just so perfect and it looks so good in the stories. You can use tap to go to the next filter to check the different mode.

Hash tag and rewind

Well now you can use hash tags in your story as well, that’s such an amazing update by Instagram. And as per the name is suggesting, you can now rewind your video in Instagram. Such features are making Instagram really popular among all the social media websites.

The new eraser brush

Well recently Instagram stories have added a new brush just to erase certain things. You may tap to eraser brush and erase the parts you want to cut it.

Save or bookmark it in your account

This is the all new feature like Pinterest that you can save few pictures in your account by bookmarking it.

Add multiple pictures

It’s been so long that Instagram has rolled out this feature that is also getting really popular. You can add multiple pictures in your Instagram account.

Use Instagram offline

This feature isn’t available for all android users but this will start working out very soon with all the Smartphones.

Instagram desktop app

Now you can finally use your Instagram over Instagram desktop wherein you can check your Instagram feed.

Two factor authentication

You can apply two way authentications so that you’ll now get a sms whenever you’ll try to login your account.

Self destructing messages

Now you can use to send few images that will work as you use to send over Snapchat. Image will disappear after few seconds.

Stay tuned for more updates on Instagram features and other Latest Web Technology News updates.

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