Indians should avoid using Truecaller

Disadvantages of Truecaller

People are checking for unknown numbers now a days before picking up the calls. Everyone is using Truecaller which is an amazing app just to identify the caller details along with their pictures and other details like email id, address and other details.

So it’s really easy to identify the callers registered with this app.

When it’s come to spam callers, Truecaller is amazing if some spam callers are calling you up consistently. In that case you can directly block and identified spammers straightaway with this app and this is the best part.

As per the survey more than 80% of the people those who are using smart phones, everyone is using this app. And few mobile brands are providing this app as an inbuilt feature.

Now as per another report, India is the country who loves Truecaller the most. There are more than 130 million users in this country who have this app on their smart phones.

As per a report, Truecaller can be a revolution for Swedish firm but it is not at all fruitful for our country. The major issue with Truecaller is that, it discloses our phone numbers and other information, which brings them into public. Which are more personal when we compare to landline numbers. It has turn out to be a phone book for the 21st century.

How exactly Truecaller work?

What the point is when you use to install this App, Truecaller will collect, process and keep hold of your private information. Such info may contain few information like your geo-location, your IP address, your device ID, device producer and category, your hardware settings, your ad data, your operating system, your usage statistics, your connection information, screen resolution, your device log and event information, incoming / outgoing calls along with sms, times/date and duration of phone calls etc. So these are kind of private things for users which we are sharing with this app.

Over 100 million people in India are using Truecaller, maximum Indian contacts are in the database of Truecaller.

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