Indian Railways to provide free Wi-Fi

Indian Railways to provide free Wi-Fi

Indian Railways to provide free Wi-Fi

Now this is going to be an initiative to keep the momentum of digital India alive by the Indian Government. Now Indian railway is going to provide free Wi-Fi on almost all the railway stations across this country. As a part of digital India initiative, government has already provided the services at 216 major railway stations. And so many users are making the most of this free internet facility through Wi-Fi.

As per the reports, government is going to invest around 110 million dollars on this project, that’s a massive one. Internet is really becoming so important for almost every individual and keeping this in mind, government is taking this step. This facility will be there for all the stations in rural and remote areas.

Government is planning to target around 600 railway stations with this facility by the end of March’18. And the major target is to capture around 8500 stations by the end of March’19. Incase this will be successful; this is going to be a massive achievement for the Indian government.

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