Indian Internet users to touch 500 million

Indian Internet users

Google: Indian Internet users to touch 500 million by 2017

Internet is everywhere now a days and number of users are increasing day by day. After this revolutionary change in Internet market, everyone is using Internet and enjoying more data than before.

Indian Internet users are showing some rapid growth in the recent times, that’s just revolution. Few telecom companies are giving away huge benefits, that results huge increment of users in the market of internet.

After the launch of Reliance Jio everyone is enjoying free data and they can use that till March 2017. After Jio services other operators are also giving free data and extending the limit as well. Jio is the reason why Indian Internet users are actually increasing and it will touch 500 million.

As per a senior official of  search engine giant Google, the number of internet users in India will reach around 500 million by 2017. This is going to be a big positive having a look at the digital India prospective.

With 400 million of them getting online through mobile phone, “There are 350 million internet users those who are in India and in which 152 million those who are mobile users.

This number is almost all about to increase around 500 million in 2017, of which 400 million are going to be mobile users.

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