80% of Indian Internet users browse YouTube

Indian Internet users on YouTube

80% of Indian Internet users browse YouTube

According to the recent updates by Google they mentioned that 80% of the Indian internet users browse YouTube. As the mobile data is becoming more affordable for Indian users things are going pretty good for YouTube. These 80% users are of all the age groups and everyone is paying head to YouTube. This Google owned company has made a statement that India is really doing well with this platform. And when we talk about subscribers, then we have around 300 channels with over a million subscribers. It was just 16 channels if we will go back to 2014.

Indian is one of the fastest growing countries of video platform and it’s touching around 225 million monthly active users. As per the reports, now we’re expecting to cross around 500 million by the end of 2020. Now all thanks for the Jio mobile data services that made it all happen in this country. Due to that all the network operators are offering big with data and such platforms are earning big time.

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  • As per the reports, number of Apple iPhone users in India is going to touch around 10 million in 2018.
  • Facebook is trying really hard to save from this Hashtag related to (#DeleteFacebook), CEO is also clarifying.
  • Now Google and Facebook is in the race for BCCI digital rights.
  • Finally Apple has mentioned that Siri notification bug fix will be out soon.
  • 5G technology is on its way and everyone is betting big on this technology.

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