India Launches another navigation satellite

India Launches another navigation satellite

India Launches another navigation satellite

A revolutionary update is coming, that finally India has launched another navigation satellite as a part of home grown GPS. This is just to provide so many facilities to the both army and civilian needs. Our Prime Minister Narendra Modi also congratulated the scientists for this effective launch of GPS. Now it will broadcast some actually accurate timing indications that a receiver can use to triangulate its location. This is going to be very useful and the way Indian scientists are growing, that’s no less than a treat to watch.

As per the reports, PSLV has inoculated that satellite into orbit just after the 19 minutes after the take off. Now it’s the 41st successful attempt for the Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV). When we talk about this satellite it’s almost around 1,425 Kg of satellite which is created by Alpha Design Technologies based that Bangalore. They tried that earlier in August last year but the mission was unsuccessful.

Chairman of ISRO also mentioned that it was such an great achievement and he congratulated the scientists on this mission. Undoubtedly it was such a great mission that they achieved, we’re so proud the way things are going in India. We’re heading closer to our mission of Digital India and such inventions are encouraging our scientists as well. We’re hoping few more innovative and effective moves from our dedicated scientists.

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