Impact of being inactive on Social Media

Impact of being inactive on Social Media

Impact of being inactive on Social Media

Now if you’re inactive on social media then there might be a possibility that few recruiters may not hire you.  As per the survey 17% of the recruiters may not hire you just because you’re too active on Social Media. This scenario is even worse in case the candidate’s visibility isn’t there on Social Media. Reports are suggesting that there are 57% of the recruiters those who won’t find you appropriate for job profile.

Now days few parents use to oppose social media for their kids and this article is for all of them. As if you will find this information really useful if you’re looking for a job profile. Now days more than 90% of the companies are using social media accounts like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. They use to do that in order to look out for and screen candidates.

So many employees are using LinkedIn to check out for job profiles are recruiters are also posting jobs over there. So this will really help few candidates.

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