You may soon get emoji for Hindu Temple

Hindu Temple Emoji

You may soon get emoji for Hindu Temple

Now this could be an exciting news for you that very soon you may get an emoji for Hindu Temple. For those who believe in Hinduism, such people are going to be so excited for this move. Emojis have already deducted so much of work load while typing a message already. And companies are trying hard and coming up with such interesting emojis every now and then. Apart from all these moves, now this is something really special.

According to a blogpost, this emoji will be out with the next set of Unicode release. This is going to be out by the mid of 2019, however we’re not sure that it will be a part of the final set of release. But it has been included as a part of draft candidate as of now.

As per the reports, apart from the temple emoji there are diya lamp which might come soon. There are few different set of emojis which might come this year; these are kangaroo, cupcake, hearts and few others. Now such news like Hindu Temple and Diya Lamp could be really exciting news for Hindus out there.

Stay tuned for more information on Hindu Temple Emoji and other Latest Web Technology News updates.

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