Highlights of Budget 2017

Highlights of Budget 2017

Here is the Highlights of Indian Budget 2017

This is for the very first time ever in India after Independence that the Budget 2017 is coming out in such a distinctive style. Railway and finance budget are coming at the same time that too in the same of parliament session by Arun Jaitley.

Here are few major highlights of this exceptional budget:

  • This government will provide accommodations to one crore poor people.
  • Income tax rate cut to 5% for people having income b/w (2.5 – 5 Lakh).
  • GDP will grow by 3.4% in this coming 2017.
  • This govt. is looking forward for economic gloom with this budget.
  • Government will put up railway lines of 3500KM.
  • 133 KMs road is going to construct under Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana which was 73 KMs previously.
  • Note ban is going to uplift the economy of this nation.
  • Agenda of this budget is to transform energies and clean India.
  • Target of agriculture expenditure is going to be 10 lakh crore. This sector is expecting to grow at 4.1% this fiscal.
  • Government is trying to double the farming income in coming 5 years.
  • 36% increase in FDI flow.
  • Electricity will be there in 100% of villages by 2018.
  • This is the highest allocation under MNREGA scheme which is increasing to 48,000 crore from 38,500 crore Rs.
  • Considering the jobs related to youth people, govt. will announce a new metro rail policy.
  • Few defense pensioners are going to be happy as govt. announced expenditure of rs 2.74 Lakh crore this is excluding pensions. Adding up to that govt. is going to set up web based platform as well.
  • No Service Charge on e-Rail Tickets booked through IRCTC.
  • Renovation of 500 railway stations.
  • There will be a cash ban on the transactions of 3 Lakh and above.
  • India is going to be a bright spot among this entire world: Finance Minister
  • Just to make medical facilities more available, there will be 2 AIIMS in Gujarat and Jharkhand.
  • There will be Aadhaar based health card for senior citizens and that too very soon.
  • Government to further liberalize the FDI policy.
  • There will be a solid waste management plants in Delhi and Jaipur, 5 more to come very soon.

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