Hidden features of social media

Hidden features of social media

Hidden features of social media

Here is the list of hidden features of few social media websites. Have a look at it:


When we talk about twitter, this social media website is surprising everyone every now and then. As there are so many celebs involved from across the world. Few twitter are still unaware about “Twitter Analytics” where you can explore your account details along with graphical trends.

  • You can get the exact number of monthly tweets (along with trends).
  • There you can check out for tweet impressions that too along with trends.
  • You can check out for your profile visits as well to keep a track on your activity.
  • A trend wise mention tracking is also available there over analytics.
  • You can check out your growth in number of followers you’re having in your twitter account.
  • Apart from that you can check out your top tweet where you get so many likes and retweets.
  • You can check out for top media tweet as well over there.
  • Top follower listing is also there.


When we talk about Whatsapp have you guys ever noticed about your chat storage option. There you can delete the media from the chat in a sorting order. All you have to do is check your settings – Data and Storage Usage. There you can view your chats as per the amount of storage used.


If you’re an Instagram lover, do you even know that you can draft your images for future? That you can upload later on. Apart from that if you love any particular filter in your app, you can readjust by using manage.

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