Google Play is offering discounts

Google Play is offering

Google Play is offering discounts

Have a look at such big news coming up from the end of Latest Web Technology News updates. Now Google Play is offering heavy discounts ahead of Christmas and there are so many deals as well. Such discounts are available on apps, games, movies and few books available on Play Store.

As per the reports, Google is offering more than 75% off on few books. And the same time they are offering discounts on few popular TV shows like Games of Thrones and Doctor Who. There are few other TV shows as well like The Walking Dead that are also available with discounts.

Discount is going on with few premium games like MInecraft, Need for speed and price has been slashed by 80%. This is really going to excite so many users to engage more with this.

The same way discounts are going on with few movies as well for around 50%. And you can get the subscription of DisneyLife and HBO Now. All doing all these things Google is really offering massive discounts and subscription plans for users.

Stay tuned for more updates on Google Play and other Latest Web Technology News updates.

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