Google maps got new feature speedometer

Google maps new feature speedometer

Google maps got a new feature speedometer:

Google had recently announced a few new features such as speed cameras, trap and report crash in its navigation app. And now all new feature is introduced in app speedometer, as per reported by android police.

Speedometer the app will ensure user to stay within the speed limit. If in case while using the speedometer the user exceed the limit, the app will automatically warn you which will be on lower left corner of the screen. That’s kind of a revolution in the world of location and maps. It will also maintain the discipline among users, those who use to drive on high speed.

Currently the Google Maps user in the United States, Belgium, and Brazil can use speedometer feature google has borrowed this feature from Waze and hence can use selected users.

Recently google maps have introduced some specific features for India i.e. Bus schedule (based on live traffic). That will help users in India to tell how much time it will take to complete the trip. This is really going to encourage so many Google Map Users.

As per the latest updates, Google Maps to now get live updates for bus, train rides in India.

Live train status

From that user will get to know about at what time and where the train is this feature was developed in partnership with my train app.

Stay tuned for more updates on Google Maps Speedometer and other Latest Web Technology News.

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