Features of Google’s next version of Android OS

Google’s next version of Android OS

Features of Google’s next version of Android OS

Now this is going to be something really big about next update from Google’s Android operating system. As per the update now Google has started following Apple and you’ll get to know in this post. Few amazing features are going to be there and we’re going to highlight those features below:

Smart replies for messages

There will be a Gmail-like feature and it’s been long time since Google has launched this to Inbox and Google Allo platform. You can consider this as few automated responses that you can use using just a tap, that saves your time.

Images in notifications

Now apart from text messages users will now be able to check picture messages as well in the notification bar. It wasn’t there till now but it will be there soon.

Zooming the text pad

This is a Apple iPhone-like feature wherein users will get a chance to zoom at the word by magnified look. Whenever user will swipe the cursor on that particular sentence or a phase, that will give you an enhanced look.

Image compression Technology

Now this will save more data due to new image compression technology and this is already there in Apple iOS11.

Multiple Camera Support

Even it will provide multiple camera support for third party apps, so it will be easy for the developers apps.

Password Autofill Support

Well it was already there but still it will be the improved version of the previous one. This feature prevents users to type in each section of the online forms, passwords and other things.  

Other features

  • There are so many other features like settings redesign along with vertical volume slider that too with enhanced look.
  • It will also support Wi-Fi protocol and that is going to be massive advantage.
  • That will also allow users to differentiate between group chat and individual conversation.
  • It will support in order to simulate a display with a cutout, this is also a feature related to iPhone.

Stay tuned for more information on Android OS and other Latest Web Technology News updates.

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