Google Collects users data via Android

Google Collects users data

Google Collects users data via Android

As per a study that suggests that Google collects users data via Android and this news could be shocking news. We’ve got the information after a study by Vanderbilt University that mentioned and justified about that statement. So many users may be unaware about this fact but Google collects personal information of the users.

Google is the world’s largest internet venture that is having around 2 billion users all over the world. It has so many parts including Gmail, Photos, YouTube and Calendar. When we talk about US it had more than 53% of the market share recently. When we talk about our country it has so many apps that has huge amount of user approval and consumption in India. While using all the apps nobody use to read the guidelines and instructions and we just click on accept without even reading. Google don’t use to hide anything but the company declare everything prior to everything.

This information may create a buzz out there by its content and they way that study came out.

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