Google Allo Vs WhatsApp

Google Allo Vs WhatsApp

Google Allo Vs WhatsApp

Google’s Allo gets a ‘big new feature’ missing in WhatsApp, have a look at that in details.

Now Google has rolled out a biggest update for its recently launched messaging app, Allo. Now users can add selfie stickers and selfie GIFs and a redesigned compose bar.  This update is available for both Android and iOS users.

Have a look at few reasons that why you should choose Google Allo instead of Facebook owned messaging app WhatsApp:

Google Assistant

Allo comes with Google assistant integration, wherein you can pull out all the information from all over the world. You can make a call during the chat as well, that’s a biggest plus.

Smart Reply Feature

There is a smart reply feature wherein you can reply to anyone with automated replies that usually saves user’s time.

Incognito Mode

This mode provides you a secure chatting experience. If a user gets a message during this mode, contents on the lock screen are invisible and private.

Image recognition

This app comes with image recognition software for intelligent replies. This thing can make a difference when you want to differentiate between two things.

Account Sync

Google Allo takes your phone number as a primary mode of identification. But in case of further condition Google can sync with the app and it will start notifying about your upcoming updates.

Set timer for message deletion

Here at Google Allo you can set up the timer for auto deletion of your messages from 5 seconds.  So that once the receiver will read the message, that message will automatically disappear.

Font Size

You will experience bigger font size in the Allo messaging app. After that users can increase or decrease the size using slider buttons.

Stay tuned for more updates on Google Allo and other Latest Web Technology News updates.

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