Now confidential mode for Gmail soon

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Now confidential mode for Gmail soon

Gmail is one of the biggest mailing services all over the world, now it is coming few major missing updates. As per the new update there will be a confidential mode where you’ll be able to add your privacy options. So now Gmail will allow users to stop forwarding few emails in order to maintain the privacy. After that you won’t be able to copy, download or print that mail as well, that’s a biggest update.

As per another report, Gmail users may soon require a password to open emails which will be generated via text-messages. If this feature is going to be applicable, this will definitely enhance the popularity of this tech giant among businesses. After that you’ll be able to set the expiration date of whatever you’re sending via mail, that’s massive one too.

Gmail is working on a new feature wherein users will be able to access Google Calendar directly from mailing window. So just in case if a user is missing on any email, there will be a snooze option. Now what snooze option will do, it will help that mail to reappear in the mailbox after sometime. Company is working on smart replies as well, we hope it will be there soon. Apart from that company is trying hard for a way wherein you will be able to access those emails offline.

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